Yasiel Puig Takes His Fans to the Movies

Last week (Wednesday, January 18), Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig took ten fans to a special screening of “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage” at the Laemmle’s Town Center 5 in Encino, Calif. Besides watching the movies with the fans, Puig also hosted a meet and greet after the movie ended. As one of the ten fans selected to participate in this event, I was able to participate in the outreach event hosted by a marketing agency and Yasiel Puig.

The day before the screening, Yasiel Puig posted a photo to both his Twitter and Instagram accounts with details for this exclusive fan promotion. The photo called for fans to email an account and describe why they should be chosen to attend this exclusive screening of the movie with Puig. The first 10 fans to have a valid reason and reside in the Los Angeles area would be selected and allowed to bring a guest to the screening. I emailed the account listed on the Instagram caption within 15 minutes of the photo bring posted and received a response that afternoon: I was selected to attend the screening!

The next day, I drove to the movie theaters in Encino with my girlfriend. Two young, kind Hispanic professionals awaited us at the door and checked us in to the theater. They gave vouchers to the concessions area and walked us to the theater showing the movie. After speaking with them for a bit, they told us that they worked for an agency that one of the studios (Paramount or Columbia Pictures) hired to host the screening. They also mentioned that Puig would arrive shortly.

After waiting for a bit inside of the theater, Yasiel Puig arrived with his girlfriend and a small entourage of older professionals. He introduced himself and proceeded to immerse himself within the small crowd. As the movie began playing, he took snapchat videos of all the fans around him, interacting and joking with all of us. Most noteworthy, he humorously mentioned the “#PuigYourFriend” movement in some of his snapchat videos.

After the movie, Puig’s entourage organized a group picture with all of the movie’s attendees and later organized a line so that each fan could get an individual picture and an autograph. Notably, Puig wore a new T-shirt from his “YP” clothing line, which he has begun advertising on his social media accounts recently.

Overall, the experience was a blast. Yasiel Puig was kind and energetic throughout the brief event, while also taking the time to chat with each attendee. The environment was calm and intimate, which is uncommon for most events with such famous athletes. The outside agency did a wonderful job hosting such a simple yet rewarding event for Yasiel Puig and his fans. Not only did Puig get attention for this event, but the “XXX” movie franchise also spread its reach to more fans. While Puig was involved in the actual event, I am confident that his entourage coordinated the event with the outside agency working for the movie studio. Furthermore, I assume that this entourage featured his publicist and agent or a representative from both agencies.


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