Stance Partners with the NBA for Noches-Ene-Be-A Socks

Stance is not just the most powerful sock company in the world, but has established itself as one of the progressive apparel brands in the United States. Known for its unique designs and comfort, the company is the official sock sponsor for both the NBA and MLB. Now, the NBA and Stance have announced their partnership’s third multicultural sock collection: the NBA Noches collection.

In early January, the NBA announced two new sock designs in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The socks were worn by players on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and throughout the first part of February, which is Black History Month. Following its History collection, the company announced later announced its CNY (Chinese New Year) collection at the end of January. At the start of March, following the overwhelming success of its History and CNY sock collections, Stance and the NBA announced their NBA Noches collection with new, Latino-inspired sock designs for six NBA teams (Lakers, Knicks, Rockets, Nets, Heat, Suns). The socks are meant to coincide with the league’s 10th annual Noches-Ene-Be-A campaign. Noches-Ene-Be-A (also known as NBA Latin Nights) are a stretch of nine games that celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Players for certain teams where special shooting shirts, jerseys and now socks in honor of Hispanic culture. Meanwhile, fans can purchase the special collection on the official website for Stance, the NBA and Foot Locker.


Stance’ NBA Noches 2017 sock collection

Since the start of NBA’s licensing deal with Stance at the beginning 2015-16 NBA season, the league has given the apparel company nearly unlimited creative control in its creation of various sock collections. The sport’s emphasis on shoe and sock fashion has subsequently led to a boom in Stance’ athletic footprint (pun intended). Furthermore, its sponsorship deals with various NBA stars such as Dwayne Wade and James Harden has created a larger, diverse fanbase for the company. Now, its emphasis on multicultural designs and strategic initiatives such as the Noches NBA collection is only leading to success and paving the way for future multicultural work in other leagues and avenues such as the MLB. Not to mention, both the NBA and Stance heavily push their multicultural sock campaigns extensively on social media, regularly spreading their reach.

Overall, Stance’ multicultural collections have been received positively by its fans. I suspect that the company will expand its Noches NBA collection over the following seasons, as long as the company extends its sponsorship contract with the NBA. I suspect that Stance will create more multicultural or diversity-influenced collections in the future to continue appealing to broader audiences. The company’s bold, yet strategic multicultural initiatives will most likely lead to sustained financial success as well.


Stance’ History sock collection


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