A Letter to Tony Romo: Join la LFA

To Antonio Romo:

This is my plea to you: join la LFA and become the league’s most beloved player ever.

I have watched you play in the NFL since you overtook Drew Bledsoe as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. I am a fan of what you represented as one of the few Latino NFL stars, but I wish you paid homage to your ethnic background more often during your NFL career. While your NFL career is over, your professional football career is not. If you join la LFA, the Mexican professional (American) football league, you would be the most powerful football ambassador in the world. You would be a fortified bridge between the cultural wall that exists between between the United States and Mexico.

I understand and support your desire to pursue a career in broadcasting. Your communication skills with the media, your coaches and your teammates was among the best during your 14-year career. While you are turning the page on your NFL career, you do not necessarily have to turn the page on your professional football career. Here’s my suggestion: broadcast NFL games during the season and play for la LFA during the NFL’s offseason.

La LFA plays its games during the late winter and through the spring, giving you a perfect window to play for a few months, while having plenty of time for vacation and broadcast preparation prior to the NFL season. I understand that you risk injury by playing in la LFA. However, a star of your caliber would not be exposed to the same type of hitting and risk in la LFA as you were in the NFL. Furthermore, you would easily be the most talented person on the field.

Your brand would only improve, as your popularity would translate to the Mexican market. Besides the possibility of countless endorsements, you and your family would enjoy the best that the country has to offer (hotels, schools, food, etc.). In the United States, you would be revered by Chicanos like me, who looked up to you and wish we had your platform to boost our cultura’s voice. You could be a pillar of social change, respect and harmony in a time where Latinos’ future in the United States is unclear.

While this may not appeal to you, the opportunity is there. If Chad Johnson could do it, so could you. While playing at least one full season would be nice, it would not be completely necessary. Just one appearance in a league game could be pivotal to the survival and progression of la LFA. Not to mention, your debut would be a monumental public relations power move and would create one of the largest media frenzies in Mexican sports. Countless journalists would travel to cover your debut; you could shape your own legacy.

Antonio, please consider my request. Also, please learn to speak some Spanish (for the interviews, of course). Lastly, please invite me to your first dinner in Mexico when you decide to join the league. I’ll pay for your first michelada.


Eric Cuevas


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